3 Tips for Getting the Results You Want With Cosmetic Dentistry

14 December 2017
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If you want to change your smile but there is nothing structurally wrong with your teeth, then you want to work within the field of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is all about making your teeth look better. However, you need to know what you want in order for you to be happy about how your teeth look in the end. #1 Look at Before and After Pictures It is one thing to talk to your dentist about various procedures that they could potentially perform on you; it is an entirely different thing to actually have your dentist perform the procedure on you. Read More 

Why Holidays Are The Best Time To See The Dentist

16 November 2017
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When it comes to the holiday season, you may be more interested in shopping, spending time with friends and family, and staying inside during cooler weather. Though these are all important your medical appointments are equally as important. If you need to go to see your dentist and you are looking for a good time to make an appointment, you should see your dentist during the holidays. There are three reasons why this is the best time for a dental checkup. Read More 

Guarding Your Child’s Teeth From Damage During Contact Sports With Mouthguards

20 October 2017
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If your child plays contact sports, the youngster may be risking damage to his or her teeth. To protect the child's teeth during play, your dentist may suggest a sports guard. However, all mouthguards designed for use during sports are not the same, and you may find it difficult to select one that is suitable for your child. Here are a few details about several types of sports mouthguards to aid you in your selection: Read More 

Problems From A Short Frenulum

21 September 2017
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If you are like most parents, you want everything to go well for your little one. Still, little unexpected problems may occur.  Some babies are born with a short frenulum. The frenulum is the small bit of tissue on the underside of your little one's tongue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If it is not long enough, it can be snipped in a short, painless procedure called a frenectomy. Read More 

Your Child’s First Dental Visit And What To Expect

29 August 2017
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Raising a child is one of the biggest rewards in a person's life. You get to watch them learn and grow and see them turn into their own unique individual. There is a lot of responsibility involved to make sure you help them secure their place as a happy, healthy person. One of the biggest and important responsibilities is teaching them good oral hygiene right from the start, so that they will continue it as they grow. Read More