Children's Artificial Dye Restrictions: 3 Considerations When Making A Dentist Appointment

13 July 2016
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If you have restricted your child from artificial dyes, then it takes a lot of work to study food packaging and ensure that it is not present or will get into their systems. Along with food, there are many other products that use dye and can get absorbed in a child. Shampoos and bath soaps are just a few products, but you should also be aware of dyes when making a dental appointment. By planning the appointment ahead of time, you can help prevent three different ways that artificial dyes get into your child's system. In the end, you can have a smooth visit that adheres to your child's need to eliminate artificial dyes from their system.

Mouth Gels & Fluoride Treatments

A dentist office tries to make visits as comfortable as possible for children, especially when they are getting advanced treatments like fillings. One way of doing this is by using mouth gels or liquid fluoride treatments that have a variety of flavors like watermelon or bubblegum. Along with making the fluoride taste good, it is often made visually appealing with artificial dyes. When making an appointment for your child, you can request a list of ingredients that are used with the fluoride treatments.

If dyes are included, then you can opt out of the treatment for your child. Many dentists may supply a standard mint fluoride that includes no dyes in it. This may be a better option if your child needs a fluoride treatment during this appointment. When getting a filling, a fluoride treatment may be needed to help prevent future cavities in the future. In some cases, a dentist may recommend doing fluoride treatments at home where you can purchase products with only natural ingredients included in it. They may even have a list of specific products or prescriptions that you can get from a local pharmacy.

Dentist Treats

When children visit a dentist office, they are often rewarded for getting through a tough appointment like a cleaning or dental filling. If any special snacks or treats or offered, then it's important to check for dyes or ask the office not to offer them to the child. You should also be aware that a prize box may contain temporary tattoos. These tattoos are often produced with dyes that can absorb in the skin and are not recommended for children on dye restrictions. Seek a reward that doesn't involve any consumption or dyes. This can include small toys, school supplies, or stickers. Before your child goes to the appointment, the prize can be set aside already so they are not given the choice and will be guaranteed to have something that is dye-free. If there is nothing else available, then you can purchase a small snack or toy for your child to give them once the appointment is over.

Dental Samples

Another regular part of a dental office visit is receiving samples to use at home. Along with a toothbrush and dental floss, your child may receive mouth wash and toothpaste. Both of those items may have artificial dyes contained in them. Even though paste and mouthwash is not swallowed, it can still be absorbed by the mouth and enter a child's system. As you make an appointment, you can request for any natural product samples that the dentist offers. If there are not any, then you request that no samples are handed out during the appointment. This is will make it easier to eliminate the dyes and keep them out of your home all together. It can also help the dentist save resources and give the samples to other patients.

When making the appointment at a clinic like Plymouth Valley Dental Group for your child, there are often health documents that you need to fill out. Be sure to include the dietary restrictions on these documents so that the office is aware and can add it to the notes for your child's record. This will make it easier for future appointments.