What To Expect From A Root Canal

2 March 2017
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The term root canal might be fear-inducing if you have never had the procedure done before. But sometimes, it helps to know more about what you will be getting into during your root canal procedure. Here are some parts of the process to expect.

Part 1: Preparation

During the preparation phase, your root canal dentist will give you some anesthesia to numb the area. They will also prepare the site by clamping a cover over the tooth that helps to isolate the tooth that will be operated on. This is a good time to practice breathing and relaxing before the operation begins.

Part 2: Removing Infected Material

The point of a root canal is to remove parts of your infected tooth. If a root canal is needed, that probably means that your cavity has allowed bacteria to seep down to the roots of your tooth, where the infection is able to spread to the rest of your gums and mouth. This is a dangerous proposition, as it can lead to a low-lying infection that stays with you long-term and affects your wellbeing. It's great that you have elected to remove this infected tooth pulp. It will be replaced with a sealing material that prevents bacteria from invading your tooth.

Part 3: Disinfecting

The material that will be removed includes your nerve endings in the area, the tooth pulp and roots, plus a portion of the tooth itself. This creates a window for your dentist to apply a strong antibiotic to kill whatever bacteria have made their way through the cavity. The dentist will allow the antibiotic to sit within the tooth for some time so that it has plenty of time to act.

Parts 4ā€“5: Temporary and Permanent Filling

The dentist will seal up the tooth with a temporary filling, to be replaced by a restorative crown sometime in the near future.

If you still are nervous about the possibility of getting a root canal, be sure to speak with your dentist about it. It helps them to know that you are feeling anxious so that they can walk through the experience in greater detail as they go along. Discussing specific parts of the procedure that you are nervous about may be the key to alleviating miscommunications, and perhaps your dentist can be extra careful during those parts of the procedure that you feel will cause pain or discomfort. Contact a company like Renovo Endodontic Studio to learn more.