Three Reasons To Go With A Golden Crown Instead Of Porcelain

21 March 2017
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Most people and many dentists wish to give the teeth a cohesive look. This means when you get an implant or get a crown put over the tooth, it is most often made of porcelain. Porcelain crowns are white or similarly colored to your teeth, making them the choice that most people stick to. Though porcelain may provide the look that you are going for, there are some times where gold crowns are better. Here are three instances in which you should choose a gold crown over a porcelain one. 

You are a tooth grinder

Some people grind their teeth while asleep or without noticing it while awake. If you grind your teeth, you may notice that the natural ridges are beginning to smooth down. This can lead to your teeth chipping, breaking, and other oral issues. If you need to get a dental crown because you often grind your teeth, you should go with a gold tooth crown. Gold crowns are a lot more sturdy than porcelain crowns, which means that the grinding will not break down your crown over time. 

The tooth is able to be saved

If you need to have a root canal or if you had a big cavity, it is possible that some of the tooth is able to be saved. If you want to leave the majority of your tooth inside of your mouth, you may want to go with a gold crown. Since gold crowns are easy to work with, your dentist can easily apply the gold over a tooth that you want to save. Be sure to ask the dentist the extent of the damage that your tooth has in order to make sure it is able to be saved via a gold crown. Gold crowns and porcelain crowns must be made, so you may have to get your tooth fitted for the crown prior to the service. 

You only need crowns for the molars

If you only need to get crowns for your molars in the back, gold can be the best choice. Though gold teeth are possible for front teeth, the entire molar can be covered by the gold crown in the back of your mouth, which will strengthen the tooth. Since gold crowns tend to be tough, there is less of a chance of the crown coming out of your mouth or needing to be replaced. Gold crowns are long lasting, which is something that you will need with your molar teeth.

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