What Problems Come With Root Canals, And How Do Dentists Solve Them?

7 April 2017
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Root canals are a last resort when a simple filling will not do the trick on a cavity. There are some challenges that come with root canals, but both you and your dentist can work together to ensure the process is successful.

What Are Some Challenges with Root Canals?

Root canals are challenging because they require a full seal on the tooth to be successful. That means your dentist needs to be careful that they completely cover up the roots.

Antibiotic treatment will be a key component of a successful root canal. The antibiotic sits in the roots of your tooth and it should kill off any infection that exists there. The dentist does x-rays to ensure that the entire root is cleared of remaining tooth pulp so that the antibiotic can fully penetrate the roots of your tooth. A strong, general antibiotic should clear out the various types of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Dentist Skill Matters

If you have been seeing your same family dentist for years, and they offer root canals, you might choose to work with them. But a referral to an endodontic specialist is also a great way to go. Since they work exclusively with root canals, they often have a great deal of experience and technical skill in providing this oral surgery.

Check Your Prognosis

The dentist can offer you a prognosis and report on the success of your root canal if you ask. You might need to pay additional fees to get copies of your before and after x-rays with a root canal procedure. All of these documents are handy to have if you do encounter problems with that tooth in the future.

Get a Crown

You might need to schedule a follow up appointment and pay an additional fee to get a crown put in place. Do this as soon as possible to ensure that your root canal is successful. The crown is an additional barrier to prevent your fragile tooth from cracking. The root canal removes a significant amount of tooth, so this area will be vulnerable to pressure.

Continue Your Dental Hygiene Regimen

Finally, good dental hygiene will go a long way in preventing a recurring infection. Brushing and flossing matters. Getting regular dental checkups at a local dental clinic, such as Pine Lake Dental Group, also helps. That way, your dentist can check on a cavity or oral infection before it goes on to infect your roots. In short, there are many ways to ensure the success of a root canal.