3 Important Things You Can Learn From Your Dentist

26 April 2017
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Your dentist isn't just there to work on your teeth for you, but they are also there to provide you with helpful information about your teeth, your gums, how to care for them, and more. When it comes to your overall oral health, there is a lot that your dentist can teach you. This article is going to discuss 3 important things that you can learn from a dentist.

You Need To Use Fluoride On Your Teeth

One thing that your dentist can teach you is how important it is to use fluoride on your teeth. When you use fluoride on your teeth, you are going to strengthen your teeth and provide an extra layer of protection. This is going to help stop acid on your teeth from causing them to decay and making them more prone to get cavities. There are a few natural sources where you can get fluoride from, such as small amounts in your water and food, but this likely isn't going to be enough. Your dentist will likely suggest a fluoride treatment when you go in for a dental cleaning, and may also prescribe you some toothpaste and/or mouthwash that have fluoride in them.

Chips In Your Teeth Cause Decay

What you also may not realize is that chips in your teeth can cause them to decay. Your dentist will teach you that the chip creates somewhat of an opening in your tooth where food can gather and build up. This is going to create plaque and tartar on your tooth, and can begin to break down the tooth overtime. For this reason, it is a good idea to get a chip filled with a porcelain filling that matches the rest of your tooth. This is going to not only stop the chip in your tooth from weakening the overall structure of the tooth, but also will make your tooth look more aesthetically appealing because it is whole once again.

You Need To Have Oral Cancer Screenings

Your dentist is also going to tell you the importance of having oral cancer screenings. While oral cancer isn't incredibly common, it is best to catch it sooner rather than later, if you do. Catching it early can stop it from spreading and can potentially save your life. The screening can be done right in your dentist's office and is generally going to be very quick and easy to complete.