Why Holidays Are The Best Time To See The Dentist

16 November 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


When it comes to the holiday season, you may be more interested in shopping, spending time with friends and family, and staying inside during cooler weather. Though these are all important your medical appointments are equally as important. If you need to go to see your dentist and you are looking for a good time to make an appointment, you should see your dentist during the holidays. There are three reasons why this is the best time for a dental checkup. 

Fewer appointments means less waiting

During the holidays, many people are busy. This means that dental offices may not be as busy. If you can make an appointment during the holidays, chances are that your time in the waiting room will be lessened. Chances are good that you will also get the prime appointment time that you are asking for. Set up a dental appointment moving towards the holidays so that it is easier for you to get in an out of the appointment. 

Your teeth can strengthen instead of degenerate

The holidays are the time that a lot of people give in to their sweet tooth and other bad eating habits. With plenty of candy available around the holidays, plus families cooking a surplus of comfort foods, you may find that your interest in your diet tends to slip. If you go to a dental appointment around this time, it is more likely that you will remember to keep good oral hygiene throughout the holidays. Have your teeth cleaned and go over any current dental concerns with your doctor. If you need to have any cavities filled or if you need to consider having your teeth bonded, this will give you a reason to be careful with your holiday eating. 

You won't be due back til before the summer

If you stick to the six-month schedule for dental checkups, going during the holiday season means that you will be due back again right before the summer hits. Having your teeth cleaned and white during the holidays and the summer means that you will have nice, white teeth during the prime picture-taking seasons. If you tend to go on vacation for the summer months and for the holidays, you can make sure that your teeth won't be bothering you during this time by getting a checkup. Be sure that you book your summer appointment during your winter holiday appointment so that you get in before the other vacationers.