Going Through The Cosmetic Dentistry Process

15 March 2018
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Teeth can easily fall into a bad condition if you are not into the habit of regularly brushing them. Consuming sugary foods and drinks can make the deterioration process of your teeth happen even faster. Sometimes people allow their teeth to fall into a condition that is severe to the extent of causing embarrassment, which often leads to them avoiding going to a dentist. If you are one of those people and want to make a change to your teeth, take the first step by making a dental appointment for a checkup. This article gives details in regards to how a cosmetic dentist can treat dental problems and transform your teeth into something that is desirable. 

Assess the Condition of Your Oral Health

An assessment of your oral health is the first step towards bringing your teeth back to a good condition. The assessment will give the dentist the opportunity to find out if there are underlying conditions to be concerned about. The underlying condition are important because it isn't safe to undergo certain cosmetic procedures without them being treated first. A common condition that is found during the initial checkup is an infection. However, the dentist will also look for cysts, abscesses, bad cavities, and several other things.

Get Rid of Underlying Conditions

If underlying conditions are present in your mouth, several things might be done to get rid of them. For example, an infection will require you to take antibiotics that will be prescribed by the dentist. The antibiotics will be strong enough to get rid of an infection in a short period of time. If there is an abscess present, you might need to get a root canal to get rid of it. The root canal involves a tool being used that allows the dentist to get rid of diseased tissue, which is known as pulp.

Choose the Most Ideal Cosmetic Procedure

Based on the condition of your teeth, a dentist will be able to choose the most ideal cosmetic procedure to repair them. You will likely be presented with several procedures to choose between. However, if a specific procedure is suggested by the dentist, it is wise for you to follow his or her guidance. If your teeth are being repositioned with braces or replaced with artificial ones, you might have to get bone grafts first. Bone grafting will only be necessary if your jawbones are not as strong as they need to be.