Is Your Child Brushing Properly?

27 September 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


While you can constantly remind your child to brush their teeth every day, you might still doubt whether they are really doing a good job. Specialists in pediatric dentistry recommend close supervision as it can assist you to determine whether your child is brushing properly. However, when supervising your child, it is essential to know what you need to look out for. The following are three things that can assist you to know whether your child is brushing their teeth properly.

Monitor the Duration

Even though you might have told your child to ensure that they brush every tooth, both on its front and back, there is a possibility that you haven't told them for how long they should brush their teeth. Generally, a child should brush their teeth for an average of two to three minutes. However, many children tend to spend less time while brushing their teeth than they should.

Although you don't need to monitor your kids whenever they are brushing their teeth, you can consider having a timer in your bathroom. This can help your child to monitor the time which they spend brushing their teeth. Always allow your kid to set the timer, and then reward them whenever they have been able to set the time and brush their teeth consistently. When you notice that your child is brushing their teeth for over two minutes every day, know that they are observing proper brushing habits.

Use Disclotabs

These are also known as plaque disclosing or finding tablets, and they can help your child to brush his or her teeth. In fact, research has revealed that many children find the disclotabs to be fun. You can buy them at your local pharmacy, your kid's dentist, or order them online.

The disclotabs are very straightforward to use. Your child only needs to chew them and then swish their saliva in their mouth. If your child opens their mouth, the colored areas show the plaques that remained after brushing. When you see the visual reminder of the plaque, then you can understand the brushing habits of your child. This can also help your kid to improve their brushing habits.

Regular Visits to Your Child's Dentist

Naturally, children don't retain their baby teeth. However, it is very important for your child to have good and healthy baby teeth. The heath your kid's adult teeth greatly depends on how they cared for their baby teeth. Taking your kids for regular dentist checkups can help to ensure that they have healthy and strong teeth. This can also help you to know whether they are brushing properly or not and provide tooth filling services for those areas that need a little extra support.