Tooth Pain During A Holiday Weekend: What To Do

21 November 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Many people travel to grandma's or another relative's house for a big holiday meal. If you're traveling or have already arrived for a holiday weekend with family, it's the worst time for nagging tooth pain to become unbearable. Because you're away from your home, visiting your usual dental office is probably impossible until regular business hours resume and you return. What's to be done for any relief in the meantime?

Rinse Mouth

If you've been enjoying pumpkin pies and other scrumptious holiday food, it's possible that your tooth is aggravated by food particles and resulting bacteria growth. Water and salt form the perfect solution for slowly, gently dislodging those particles and washing away some bacteria. Salt could also draw more water into the mouth directly from swollen gums through osmosis; this calms the area and releases pressure on a painful tooth. Saltwater isn't toxic, so rinsing throughout the day will help your mouth and may calm your nerves because you know you're doing something helpful.

Try Garlic

Some of those fantastic foods were likely cooked with garlic. Your relative may still have extra garlic laying around, and that's good news for an aching tooth. Cut a clove of garlic into tiny pieces and ensure you're mashing it up to release its juices, then apply it directly to the tooth. You might also open and empty a teabag and pack it full of garlic, then use the small bag on the tooth. The garlic's allicin content may lower pain levels, and garlic is widely known as a food with bacteria properties. Relief should begin in minutes.

Find Clove Oil

If your relative is into diffusing essential oils, clove oil may be easy to find. The scent of cloves reminds some people of the holidays, and it is used in many holiday oil blends. Luckily for you, it also contains one ingredient, eugenol, which can greatly dampen tooth pain. A single drop should relieve pain, depending on how concentrated the oil is. 

If you aren't near anyone who diffuses clove oil, local convenience stores might help. They could carry the oil or other pain-relief products with eugenol.

Visit a Clinic

Many dental clinics are open and available for walk-ins, even during busy holiday weekends. Locate one near your relative's home so you won't have to travel far in pain.

Your pain during a holiday weekend should be soothed with any or all of these dental options. Call dental clinics about visiting hours, more pointers, and other assistance.