Why Consider Braces For Your Teen Even When They're Not Agreeable With The Idea

17 May 2019
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Since it's common for adults to get braces now, you may wonder if it's wise to make your teen wear them at a time when they're already self-conscious about their looks. If your teen resists the idea of braces, then your decision is even more difficult. However, the teen years are an ideal time to wear braces. Here are some reasons why.

Teeth Are Easier To Align When You're Young

Adults get braces too, but they often need to wear them longer to get results since the bones of an adult have stopped growing. Your child's bones are still growing and changing, so this makes moving teeth into alignment easier to do.

Wearing Braces As A Teen Improves The Smile For Adulthood

It may be necessary to wear braces for a year or so and then a retainer for longer after that, but once that's done, your child's teeth and smile will be improved for the college years and adulthood. Your child won't have to feel self-conscious about wearing braces when applying for jobs. Plus, when your child has braces as a teen, they'll be around many other kids their age who wear braces. The older your child gets, the more likely it will be that they're the only one in their social or work group who wears them.

You Can Save Your Teen The Expense Of Braces Later

Paying for braces while your child is still in high school gets the expense behind you so you don't have to pay for braces while paying for college too. Paying for braces is a useful gift for your child that benefits their future. If your child has to wait until they're an adult, they may have to put off paying for braces until they've been in the workforce a few years and saved up money since their dental insurance may not cover all the cost.

Wearing Braces May Not Be As Bad As Your Teen Thinks

There are different types of braces your teen can wear, so they won't necessarily be an ugly addition to their mouth. Some braces are clear or attach behind the teeth so they're nearly invisible. Instead of braces, your child might be able to wear aligner trays that are barely noticeable. Your child may protest before getting braces, but once they have them, they may realize it's not so bad.

If your child needs braces, let your dentist have a discussion with your child so your teen understands the reasons why wearing them is important during their stage of life. Your child might resist you during the teen years yet go along with advice given by a dentist or someone else. For more information, contact a local orthodontics clinic.