Here's Why Good Dental Hygiene Isn't Enough To Maintain White Teeth

15 July 2019
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It might be disappointing to hear, but doing a good job of keeping your teeth clean isn't always enough to keep them looking sparkly and white. Plenty of people who have healthy teeth also have discolored teeth. If you always come away from your dentist's office with a clean bill of health but aren't satisfied with the color of your teeth, read on to learn why it's happened to you.


Staining is one of the main causes of tooth discoloration and one that isn't combatted well enough by brushing at home.

Stains left on your teeth aren't just simple discolorations. When you eat something that's strong in tannins, for example, like tea, those tannins actually sort of dye your teeth, changing their color. The same can be said of other vibrant foods, like wine or coffee. You can help to reduce the amount of staining left behind by these things by brushing immediately after consuming them, but you've still been drenching your teeth in a veritable dye. They'll ultimately end up discolored over time, even though your dental health is doing okay.

Enamel Loss

Another cause of discolored teeth is enamel loss. When enamel is lost, it helps to reveal the inner parts of the teeth that tend to be brown or yellow. This can make your teeth look stained, even though there's no actual staining present.

Enamel is typically lost due to damage or aggressive toothbrushing, but it can also be lost over time. The natural wear and tear that teeth are exposed to will gradually wear away at tooth enamel. This is part of the reason why older people sometimes have problems with the color of their teeth. While brushing gently will help to prevent enamel loss, it can't do anything about damage or gradual loss.


If you're not happy with the look of your teeth, that's a big problem. It's made bigger considering that you take good care of your teeth. Trusting your teeth to at-home whitening products can sometimes result in sensitive or painful gums, which may not be something you want to experience since you work hard to take care of your teeth.

In these cases, it's best to work with a dentist to have your teeth whitened. Having it done professionally means you get to choose the exact shade that you want and ensures that your teeth and gums will be safe.

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