How To Make Time For Dental Visits

11 March 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Trying to fit a dental visit in to your busy schedule can be challenging. Yet, it's important to find a way or you may end up needing more time-consuming dental work later.

After Hours Services

One issue many people have is that the dental office is open the same hours as the average working day. If you can't take time off for an appointment, it can be difficult to schedule time. Fortunately, more offices are responding to this challenge by offering extended hours. Look for a dental office that stays open late or is open early. This way you can go to the dentist after you get off from work, or in the morning before your workday begins.

Weekend Options

Another option is to look for dentists that provide weekend appointment slots. Saturday offices are more common, but you may be able to find one open on Sundays or even on Bank Holidays. Keep in mind that weekend appointments are often booked up by families with children trying to get in around a school schedule, so you may want to schedule your appointment early in the day if your goal is to avoid a crowded waiting room.

Pre-Check-in Procedures

Ask the receptionist about pre-check-in procedures before you go to your appointment. Often, appointment times are scheduled for 15 or 20 minutes before your actual appointment so that you have time to fill out any necessary paperwork. If the office will allow you to fill out the paperwork in advance, such as via an online form or by emailing in the finished paperwork, you might not have to show up so early. This means a quicker appointment and the need for less time off work.

Short Appointment Options

If you go to the dentist once a year, an appointment can take anywhere from one to two hours. Time will be spent checking in, getting X-rays, undergoing the examination and cleaning, and possibly addressing any issues such as filling cavities or whitening the teeth. Some dental offices will let you break up these tasks into shorter appointments that you can more easily fit into your busy schedule. For example, you may be able to stop by on a lunch break to get X-rays taken quickly, then come in after work for the exam and basic cleaning. If you need further work done, you can then schedule it for later instead of staying in the dental chair for an hour or longer.

Contact a dental office near you to learn how to work regular appointments into your busy schedule.