Myths About Dental Implants Debunked

23 March 2022
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Gum disease or tooth-related trauma from injuries can cause tooth loss. The gaps left after tooth loss may affect your smile, and you may lose self-confidence with time. Therefore, you need a reliable tooth loss treatment. Dental implants are an excellent tooth-replacement option. The dentist places metal screws in the jawbone and mounts replacement teeth on the screws during dental implant surgery. However, the existing misconceptions about dental implant placement may prevent you from getting the dental treatment you require. Here are some common dental implant myths debunked:

Dental Implants Have a Low Success Rate

You may be nervous about a few dental implant failure stories that you may come across while researching the procedure. Nevertheless, these stories aren't accurate as dental implants have a high success rate. Dental implant surgery rarely fails unless your surgeon doesn't have the right qualifications. Your surgeon should assess your dental and overall health and determine whether you're suitable for getting implants. If you're eligible to get the implants and your doctor has relevant expertise and experience to perform the surgery, the chances are higher that the implants will work perfectly.

Dental Implants Aren't Long Lasting

Your dental implants won't last long if you don't care for them accordingly. For instance, poor oral hygiene may cause bacteria to thrive and potentially cause an infection called peri-implantitis. The condition causes the inflammation of soft tissue around the implants and the loss of hard tissue that supports the implants over time. Your implants may become loose over time, and removal may be necessary. Thus, maintaining proper oral hygiene can increase your implants' longevity.

Dental Implant Surgery is Painful

Most people believe that dental implant placement is a painful process. However, doctors usually administer anesthesia before the procedure to numb the affected area. This prevents you from feeling pain and discomfort in the surgery area. Nevertheless, you may experience swelling, numbness, and post-procedure pain after the surgery. Fortunately, taking pain medication can help suppress the pain. These side effects end after a few days.

Dental Implants Feel and Look Unnatural

When doctors restore lost teeth with porcelain crowns, your dental implants resemble your natural teeth. The crowns are white, can chew on different foods, and you don't need to remove them like dentures. Also, surgeons fit the implants perfectly in the lost tooth's socket. Hence, you can smile confidently without people knowing that you have implants.

The common myths about dental implants are that the implants feel and look unnatural and that dental implant surgery is painful and has a low success rate. Debunking these myths can help you build the confidence you need to undergo dental implant surgery.