Plastic Aligner Guidelines That Your Orthodontist May Recommend

26 April 2022
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Aligners are plastic trays that slowly shift the teeth. These orthodontic devices will not conceal the color or shape of natural teeth. Instead, they will remain virtually undetectable while straightening the teeth that are misaligned. If you choose aligners for your dental needs, review the following guidelines that your orthodontist may request of you.

Wear Aligners On A Consistent Basis

Your orthodontist may recommend that you wear a set of aligners for most of the hours each day. Consistent use is essential when straightening the teeth. In order to follow the treatment timetable that your orthodontist outlines, you will need to keep the aligners in place while you are awake and asleep. Wearing the aligners as directed will allow you to acclimate yourself to how the aligners feel in your mouth. As a new wearer, you may experience a slight lisp or some difficulty with saying some words. As you get used to the aligners, you will be able to automatically adjust your speech patterns so that you are comfortable with speaking aloud.

Swap Out Your Aligners

Each set of aligners can be worn for a couple of weeks. You will need to acquire some extra sets of aligners from your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will advise you on how to clean your aligners. They will direct you to avoid using abrasive cleaning agents, which can scratch a set of aligners and wear them out prematurely. You should follow the replacement schedule that you have been provided. If you run low on spare sets of aligners, you should keep the past pair that you are replacing. This will ensure that you have a backup pair of aligners to wear, in the likelihood that your newer pair of aligners become damaged.

Seek Attachments

Attachments are tooth-colored dots that are designed to hold aligners in place and apply pressure to select teeth. The use of a series of aligners may be advised if you have some teeth that require more straightening than others. The extra pressure that is applied to the teeth will supplement the straightening capabilities of a set of aligners. The attachments should be installed by your orthodontist. They will need to be replaced, whenever a new set of aligners are going to be used to replace a set of aligners that have been used for the length of time that your orthodontist has directed. Your orthodontist will also need to examine your teeth on a routine basis, to determine your treatment progress.

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