Signs You're Needing A Dental Cleaning

13 June 2022
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You should get a dental cleaning once a year, or as recommended by your dentist or dental hygienist. Your dental cleaning responsibilities include taking care of your teeth at home and flossing regularly, the latter of which is something not a lot of adults do.

Some adults don't do dental cleanings as often as they should, since many adults only go to the dentist when they have a dental issue. However, when you get a dental cleaning done, you let your dentist know what condition your teeth are in and you allow the dentist to keep your gums and teeth free of bacteria and tartar. Your dental cleaning can even result in your teeth looking shinier, whiter, and younger-looking, which can positively affect your self-esteem.

Here are signs you need a dental cleaning. This way, you can get your dental cleaning done as soon as possible and make your dentist aware of any dental issues you may have.

Your teeth feel slimy or bumpy

Some people are prone to cavities and carry the bacteria for that, while others are prone to gum disease and carry that bacteria instead. If you fall in the latter category, then you may start to feel your teeth getting slimy or showing other signs of plaque and tartar buildup. If this happens, you put yourself at risk of gum or dental disease, and the sooner you get your dental cleaning done, the better.

Your breath is starting to stink

If you notice your breath staying stinky after you brush your teeth or you find yourself needing to use breath spray, gum, or mouthwash more frequently, then you may have one of several dental issues. Issues include halitosis, gum disease, a bad tooth, or just general dental deterioration.

Call your dentist and schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning. Your dentist will be able to identify what is wrong and will ensure you get a proper cleaning. If you need any more dental work after your dental cleaning, they can schedule you at that time.

Your dental cleaning needs should only be once a year or so. If you need dental work more frequently, your dentist will let you know. Your dentist will give you a periodontal dental cleaning if you have gum disease and will schedule you for multiple cleanings if this is the case to ensure they get all the affected areas taken care of.

Contact your dentist to schedule a dental cleaning.