The Many Ways Dentists Help Society

1 December 2022
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People often discuss how important doctors are to society, but they usually only refer to certain types of doctors. One type of doctor that helps people in many ways but doesn't usually get the credit they deserve is dentists. If they didn't exist, there would be much more pain, disease, and self-conscious people in society. 

Here are some of the things that dentists do that help make the world a little better.


Most people don't have the tools necessary to thoroughly clean their teeth and gums to remove plaque and tartar and prevent tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, etc. It's vital to visit a dental office periodically—usually twice per year—to get your teeth deep cleaned by a dentist with special tools. Doing so keeps your teeth healthy for much longer than if you didn't get regular cleanings. 

Emergency Services

When you chip or break a tooth, get a mouth abscess, or experience any other dental emergency, you rely on a dentist to treat and fix your problem. What would people do without access to a dentist when an emergency occurred? It goes to show that dentists are a vital part of society, and people rely on them in many ways.

Relieving Pain

Pain is an unfortunate side effect of tooth and gum issues. Sometimes, mouth pain can be so severe that it's almost unbearable. When you visit a dentist, and they take care of the issue causing the pain, they significantly improve your quality of life.  

Fixing Savable Teeth

One crucial thing that dentists do is save teeth from needing to be removed. There are some situations when a tooth has problems, but the dentist can repair it rather than needing to remove it. If dentists didn't exist, you would have to pull your teeth whenever they had a minor problem. 

Regaining Chewing Function

Being able to chew your food comfortably is something that most people take for granted. Some people with dental problems either chew on one side of their mouths or simply can't eat certain foods. If you have chewing problems, you can visit a dentist to get your teeth repaired, get dentures or implants, and regain your ability to chew food. 

Discovering Oral Cancer

One of the most significant benefits of dentists is that they often discover oral cancer. Like all forms of cancer, early detection is vital. Since dentists work on so many mouths, they're usually the first to identify potential signs of cancer in their patients' mouths.

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